Frank Kraft

Frank Kraft
Choreographer – Instructor – Wire Stunt Rigger

Always on the lookout for new ideas and methods to make the impossible, possible. Without getting too swept off his feet of course, even when he goes up in the air.

Active in a variety of disciplines since 2001: partner and floor acrobatics; juggling; object manipulation; aerial and fire performance, Frank is involved in many different projects and performances, including Duo and Buch Akrobatik. 

Also an enthusiastic climber, he broadened his expertise in the more technical aspects. In 2003 he became a qualified industrial climber and aerial flying instructor, breaking new ground in his performance arts knowledge.

Frank is confident in finding the ideal rigging solutions for events, theatre productions and stages. Since 2006 he has been active in a wide range of productions as flying instructor and supervisor, and as head of aerial wire stunt rigging and safety for theatre concerts and productions such as “Bob Dylan”, “Mozart” and “Come Together” or “Hey Jude” under the directorship of Nikolaj Cederholm at the Theater Oestre Gasvaerket and at Forum, Copenhagen, as well as at Theater Aarhus. He choreographed the wire stunt performance for the theatre production “Fragmente Mozarts Opern” at the Deutschen Oper.

For a number of years, Frank has also been active as a choreographer for circus acts including “Archie Clapp”, Jon Young and Julian Schulz, and choreographed aerial stunts for event and stage shows, for example: “H.C.Andersen”, under the directorship of Steen Körner, or “Män som blir en smula irriterade i sällskap med kvinnor”, under the directorship of Nikolaj Cederholm as well as directing and choreographing shows such as: Waiting for Momo,  Silence, 8 point 3,  “The Last Supper”, “What happens at the end” and “No Ground.” 

While doing so, his main focus is the combination of physical theatre with new circus and various performance styles to create new unique masterpieces.